Providing practical software solutions
for core business applications

Practicore Incorporated provides custom software and services primarily for small to medium sized businesses and occasionally for large corporate information technology applications. Practicore's primary area of expertise is creating web-based applications that are key to day-to-day business operations. These applications are primarily used by "in house" employees, but can be used by customers as well using the internet.

Practicore has expertise to create software on platforms ranging from handhelds to large mainframes.

We believe that operational software should work the way you want your business to work - not the other way around. Too many companies find themselves altering their practices to fit their software, even if it doesn't fit the way they want to do business. To accomplish this, Practicore provides software tailored for the specific needs of its clients. You know your business better than we do, so we listen and provide solutions that fit your needs.

Our offering includes all steps in the software development cycle: analysis, design, creation, implementation, training and support. We use many years of software development experience combined with a large base of existing routines to accomplish this in much less time and overhead than typical software development firms.

Software Offerings Include:
  • Retail pharmacy management, including automatic insurance claim processing, drug interactions and clinical reviews
  • StayTrak provides billing and visitor management for businesses that provide hourly on-site services, such as drop-in day cares
  • Hosted Kitchen provides public website and store management systems for meal prep businesses
Other Projects
  • Web based data mining tools used by State Government and Fortune 1000 Corporations
  • Customizable agent for collecting system data from Windows workstations
  • Public website and searchable message archive for medical support groups

Practicore provides information technology consulting services for small to large businesses, including:
  • Web site development
  • Software design review
  • Best practices
Practicore provides web hosting services primarily for our software customers. This gives you "one stop shopping" so you don't have to deal with a separate hosting provider. Service is on dedicated servers in a secured facility with backup power generators and redundant internet connections.

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